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Moving a Cardbox database and access to the Cloud

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11-Jun-2015 12:07

We have been using Cardbox since its' inception in 1982 and are currently using 3.0. Still a fabulous product. We would now like to make our core database available to another office and would consider moving it to the cloud. Unfortunately the manual we have dating from 2004 is somewhat thin on this area and we would welcome hearing from anyone who has successfully done it; process and problems.
If it involves putting just the database in the cloud and having a server copy in each office does that not present record/file locking problems. Of course we could consider VPN access from one office to another but it does not seem so elegant.


11-Jun-2015 13:11

Run your databases on location a. Open port 3105 in your firewall in location a.
All other locations which allow port 3105 traffic for Cardbox Client, can approach the databases on location a.
Never met a problem. A profile can secure your databases.
Where can be location a? Your office or even it could be an Amazon Virtual Windows machine. First year free! Then about max $20 pro month.



18-Jun-2015 14:20

Presumably the implication of opening the firewall port etc is that we cannot really run in the cloud? That would be fine except when we want to send an e-mail to an address embedded in a record it needs to return to the local site not the remote site accessing via VPN. We can get round this with mail forwarding but it is a messy solution.
Unfortunately this could push us to an alternative product which would be a shame after 33 years.


18-Jun-2015 16:02

First I wonder: what you mean exact by "in the cloud"? (hype term...)
Then: you want to click on a mail-link in Cardbox. Ok, which email client is activated then? Something in a (local!) browser or your local email program?
If I read carefully your first mail again, I understand you want to access your database from several locations. Cardbox can this easy make happen, it is standard functionality. You just need port forwarding and a little firewall configuration.
I do not recognize file/recordlocking problems in Cardbox 3. That were Cardbox 2 problems of 15 years ago or more. If you met them, there is something wrong in your configuration.
Just a thought: I think that there is a port available (perhaps 3389) for remote administration in you network. In thst case I cannot think one reason why port 3105 not can be open for Cardbox traffic. It is no problem firewall exceptions to make for several accounts in your network I think. Just keeping a list. Your IT can explain it fine (but do they want to...?). Btw: the traffic between client en server is secured.
If if you like/need after so long to change to another program: you will miss Cardbox. I am very interested what the alternative will be! Let us know!
And please tell me also why opening a port for Cardbox a messy solution would be.

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