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Problem with upgrade of cardserver from 3.0 to 3.1

Problem with Upgrade of server from 3.0 to 3.1

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2-Jun-2015 11:53

We've installed a new cardbox server v3.1 and connected our existing databases which are on shared drive to it, some of the databases are fine and we can see the full list of records, but on some of the other databases we cannot see all the records it stops at 12168, but when we connect using the old version of the cardserver software v3.0 we can see all the records which is 12203.

Not sure why the new version cant see all the existing records when it is reading the same database.


2-Jun-2015 12:23

For the 'error databases' I advice to rebuild these databases (in the client: Tools, Management, Rebuild, Database). Activate in the wizard "extreme rebuild".
Your database is than new indexed/written. In this process is your old database is also saved in the same folder with this name: databasename.fil.old. So there is no danger if you do this only one time to see if things are better now. Do not do this a second time because your .old is overwritten (and it will not help you).



3-Jun-2015 15:10

HI Bert,

Thanks for your help, I tried what you suggested, it still did not make any difference. The old server using card server v3.0 still sees more records than the latest version v3.1 and they are both pointing to the same databases.

Do you know where I can download the older version of the cardbox server/client v3.0?

Kind Regards



3-Jun-2015 15:39

Installing an old server cannot be a right solution. Which client build you use? In which server build you could see the 12168?
If you open the database by the my computer tab, are the number of records right then?
If yes, then you can find which records not are displayed in the latest server version doing this:
Give every record that you see in when the server is used an indexed mark in a field (b.e. xxxxx ) (using batch edit).
Then open the database by the my computer tab en exclude the records with the mark in it.
You have found the records which are blocked by the server.
There must be something -invisible- wrong with those records so that the server cannot send them to the client I suppose (I have never met this btw).
Write those records to a dmp file, then delete that records. Then check the database using the Server.
If then the difference is gone, read the dmp file. See what is happening.
After it, if you set the mark a little smart, you can remove it easy again by batch edit.

Before this, you make of course a copy of your databasename.fil ;-).
If you find this a little too difficult, I offer to help you with this. In that case you have to send me your fmt+fil.

Charles Welling

5-Jun-2015 12:00

I've just read this post, and beside the sound suggestions made by Bert, you might consider the following.
Is far as I understand you now have two Cardbox servers, one running 3.0 and one running 3.1, both pointing to the same databases on a shared drive. That just might be the cause of your trouble. Two servers having access to the same database on a shared drive which might mean that someone is also accessing a database straight from a client instead of through one of the servers.

Try to eliminate all these factors: use a single instance of the Cardbox Server programme and don't put your databases on a shared drive. Put them on the Cardbox Server (the computer) itself and don't share the database folder. That is not necessary. Only the Cardbox Server programme should have access to the folder. It's secure, safer and faster.

The best way to set this up is:
1 computer
1 Cardbox Server programme
1 folder on the the computer with your databases in it. That folder should be local to the computer and NOT be visible in your network.

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