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Launch a Macro with a Radio Button in a Record (or field)

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21-May-2015 19:29

Problem: I would like to be able to switch from "native" format to a "one-line summary" format with a single click.

Present situation: I can do this by creating button on the tool bar which points to (launches a macro).

Desire: I would like to switch formats with a minimum of mouse activity. An elegant solution would be a field which is a radio button which would toggle back and forth between formats.


21-May-2015 20:28

I would make/draw 3 small buttons in each format (not needed for the current format of course) for changing the format. Connected to that buttons macros. If your familiar with macro's you only need one macro and in the button command you add the right parameter for the wished format.
Change format then in one click.
Only a little a pity that such buttons not are showed when there are zero records selected.


28-May-2015 14:00

Thank you. I will give it a Try.
Regards, Old Geeezer


1-Jun-2015 13:48

I should make macros to change the formats, add 1 or 2 extra buttons on the toolbar (Tools, Toolbar..., Add) and link the macros to the buttons. So you can use it in every database,

Regards, Herman

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