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Server gives error message

Could not bind socket to

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28-Apr-2015 17:25

This message appears when trying to start the program.
The following entry suggests that Cardbox may already be running:
How do I tell?
The following entry suggests other problems, but we have tried entering the IP address:

Any help appreciated.


28-Apr-2015 18:23

Your are certain Cardbox Server is not running yet?
Control this first by Windows Task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc).
If Cardbox Server there is not listed, it is clear there is other software that uses port 3105 on your machine.
And if it is listed, Cardbox Server is running.
Because you mention topic 337 I think your problem is that you cannot find how to open a database in your Cardbox Client?



29-Apr-2015 15:15

Thank you for your help. cbox3svr is running. But when I try to connect a user to the database it reports
Cannot find server name:
  No data available for this server name: either it does not exist or you are not connected to the Internet (NO_DATA: 11004).
I enter \\servername\Shares\Cardbox which takes me to the folder.

If I use Windows Explorer and try to map the drive I get a message to say Network Discovery is turned off.
If I go to Control Panel \ Network and Sharing Center \ Adavnaced Sharing Options\ Home or Work, then Network Discovery is turned on.
Under Public it is turned off.
Under Domain (current profile) it was turned off but turning it on made no difference.

The trouble shooter could not find any problems.


29-Apr-2015 22:58

This trouble shooter has to learn a thing: read the F... manual!

How to open multi-user a database?
- You can read that first you must add the databases in the file list of Cardbox Server by the Control Panel. The databases must be located on same machine as Cardbox Server is installed. If this is not possible, the machine of Cardbox Server needs a user-account connected to the service of Cardbox which has network rights for the location of the databases.
- If done, read this in the Help of Cardbox Client: search for 'opening a database' and all information which is needed is on your screen.
Btw: I think **without reading** available information about Cardbox such as downloadable manuals, the program help and this forum, you will meet a lot of difficulties.


1-May-2015 22:21

I apologise that I have upset you and driven you to using abusive language. I realise that you provide most of the support for Cardbox.
I have managed to solve the problem. Page 57 of the manual did not help me: I entered the server name and got an error message. I eventually found that the problem was that I had two back slashes in front of the computer name as is fairly standard in Windows commands.


1-May-2015 23:59

Glad your problem is Solved.
However, backslashes? In the client you enter only the DNS name as server name. If that does not work, then try the ip address. With that name you can list the databases which are served on that server. No slashes ore backslashes.
Only a shortcut directly to a served database contains slashes: cardbox://DNS_SERVERNAME/DatabasenameInCardboxServer. The slashes are however common in Windows: http://... It is not a filesystem, it is TCP/IP traffic.


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