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Indexing Problem

Problems with indexing keywords

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Matt SH

10-Apr-2015 09:50

Hello all

We have been running a Cardbox database for some years and a problem has recently cropped up. When adding keywords to certain fields in new records they are not automatically indexed for searching (they should turn red). They can be indexed manually (right click, index) and turn red as they should - but when the change is saved, the indexing is not saved (the word turns black again).

Further, if an older record, with correctly indexed keywords in the field, is edited, the whole field turns black.

As these non-indexed keywords do not appear in an F4 search, this is obviously quite inconvenient, and any help you could offer to sort this out would be much appreciated.


10-Apr-2015 11:07

First test this:
Cardbox options, switch on Disable validations. If the keyword terms stay red then, you know where the problem is.

In that case: I think somebody did change something in the native format, field keywords.
I think there is added a validator which un-index the entered terms. (Field properties).
Correct this!

I hope this is the solution.

Matt SH

10-Apr-2015 11:53

Hello Bert

Thanks for replying so quickly. Disabling validation worked, and on investigating it seems that the keyword.txt file which the validation was comparing against somehow got moved to a different place (no idea how, I've just started here...)

Much obliged for your time & assistance


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