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Cardbox 4200 Help ?

Cardbox prof 4200 on a shared directory , doesn't show the help

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15-Jul-2005 14:22

I installed the last version of Cardbox in a shared folder. Trying to access the help files (cardbox client) doesn't work : the right part of the screen gives " Action canceled
Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable "
From a citrix client opening .......\cbclient\cardbox.chm doesn't work
From a pc in the network you can open .......\cbclient\cardbox.chm but in the client Cardbox help is not clickable (gray)! though F1 works well !

Strange isn't ?

Charles Welling

15-Jul-2005 15:27

I can confirm this behaviour. Blamed Windows.


18-Jul-2005 07:32

What happens with help files is that Cardbox asks Windows to open the .chm file, and Windows then asks Internet Explorer to open the .chm file. This means that there is nothing that Cardbox can really do about this behaviour.

The whole description suggests that the .chm file is being opened in a mode that does not allow other users to open it: this would also explain why the Help menu item is not clickable in Cardbox. I don't know whether this is the fault of Internet Explorer, or whether some other component (Citrix, networking, etc) is deciding to convert a "non-exclusive" opening of the .chm file into an "exclusive" opening.

It would be interesting to know what happens if you make the .chm file read-only at the operating system level (for example, right-click on cardbox.chm in Windows Explorer, select "Properties", and then turn on the Read-Only check box). It may make no difference at all; but it may help.

Charles Welling

18-Jul-2005 08:39

Diony, Cardboss: we also have a Citrix server (with WIN2000) as well as a Novell network. Cardbox is on the Novell server. Normal PC's show no problem, but the Citrix server does, but only as long as the .chm is on the Novell server. I copied the helpfile to a local Citrix disk and then it could be opened. Setting the file to RO didn't help.

Paul Irvine

19-Jul-2005 13:04

I get a similar problem with CHM files over our Windows network (Windows 2003 Server Enterprise edition) and Windows XP workstation.
If I double-click on the CHM file in Explorer on the workstation (C:\Program Files\Cardbox 3.0\cardbox.chm) all works fine. If I double-click on the network version ( X:\CARDBOX\cardbox.chm) the left hand menu appears (and works, as do the index and search parts) but clicking on any menu item shows a ‘the page cannot be displayed” error.
I don't think this is to do with file locking (exclusive/shared), since the menus work fine. I suspect it is a script permission issue (security feature of Windows server).

Type "chm network problems" into google to found some useful information.


25-Jul-2005 07:47

Paul, I think you're on the right track. In June 2005 Microsoft decided to block access to help files across a network and modified everyone's copy of Windows accordingly.

The following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles purport to describe and address the problem:


These articles mostly refer to "Web sites" but in fact it appears that a CHM filed stored in a network counts as a "web site" as far as this problem is concerned.

If anyone can read these articles and make enough sense of them to make and test the appropriate registry modifications then I'd be very interested to hear about it. You can see, from the number of references that a Google search for "hhrestrictions" displays, that this is something that is affecting all users of Windows software packages and not just Cardbox.

I do not think it is reasonable to expect Cardbox users to modify their Registry just to make something as obvious as Help work - not to mention those users who are restricted by their administrators from making such changes. The solution that we're looking at is to modify Cardbox as follows:

When the user opens Help:
- If the CHM file is held on a local hard disk or CDROM, open it directly.
- If the CHM file is on a network, copy it to a temporary location on the hard disk and open it from there.

I'd welcome comments on this proposal.

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