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Exporting template as a PDF

Is it possible to create a PDF from Cardbox

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7-Apr-2015 08:09

We use our database for invoicing as well as record keeping.
Is it possible to export a template format of an invoice to a pdf so as to be able to email the pdf to a client or a worker who is in the field?

thanks in advance


7-Apr-2015 09:36

No problem. When you install a program like dopdf which installs a pdf printer into your windows system, you let Cardbox print to that pdf printer.
If you system admin does not like that you install such a thing, perhaps you can select your text and copy the content to Word 2007 or more. Word 2007 and later can also save a document as pdf. For this situation a Cardbox macro can help you which generates a Worddoc with the content of your record.

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