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Can we expect a Cardbox update in the future?

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18-Mar-2015 11:56

Regularly I visit the Support/Download page if a new Cardbox update is released, but the latest version is build 4408 (28-May-2014). Can we expect new updates in the future?



18-Mar-2015 16:03

Do you need one... ;-) ?
When there were bugs fixed or there was new functionality need, there were in the passed very quick new builds.
After launching build 4408 I did not found any new important bug any more (I can assure you: that is unique).
However, I found a very little bug yesterday. Did not report it yet to Cardbox.
However, of course I cannot say when and if there will be a new build. I can only tell you what was happening in the passed.
What in future will happen, that only Cardboss can tell. However, I think he has told it us already.

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