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Labels suddenly acting strangely

Suddenly, print preview will only show the four labels on screen, yet render OK on edit screen

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10-Mar-2015 15:22

I've got 18 test records in a database, and until last night, they displayed 3 wide x 6 deep (on a Ryman 24up template)

This afternoon, I moved the fields on the label around a little ... but now the print preview will only render the four barcode labels shown on screen. Move the scrollbar down to show another 4 records ... and only those four barcodes show. The other fields (name, surname etc) render fine on preview, just the barcodes are missing.

All the records are OK as on the main screen, I can scroll through and see all the appropriate codes.

Have tried switching standard size on and off, reduced the font size, but nothing seems to get those preview images back again, (and of course, because they're missing in preview, they don't print out either)

Have looked through manual, but cannot see anything relating to this quirk.


11-Mar-2015 08:54

OK, Bert. Don't worry! I've managed to discover the error. I google-ed it, and found a page that states you must set the "one record per label" checkbox. (Glad I found THAT out so I can forwarn my users!)


11-Mar-2015 15:34

You have found a workaround. Great done.
I think your barcode was too big for printing it on one label. You can also try to make your barcode a little smaller so that it fits again in your label definition.
Also around a barcode you need some times a little room. It seems that the extra empty room was 'printed' on the next label.

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