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Scrolling through 1 line records

Is it possible to scroll through the records with a record in 1 line

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5-Mar-2015 10:07

I have made an alternative format with 1 line per record. So, on a page you see about 50 rows (= 50 records). But for me it is not possible to scroll up-and-down with the mouse wheel through the record. He only scrolls from the left to the right.
Is it possible to change it?

thanks, Herman


5-Mar-2015 10:29

Sorry, not to change (I have already asked this while Cardbox still was developed...!)

However I can make you perhaps a little glad: if you install a Trust Mouse driver, you switch to improved scroll modus, you get exactly what you want.
In other program's is it also a fine feature, but that may be personal.
You can (free) download it here: http://trust.cordoba.cdn.lukkien.com/publicpreview/12578/drivers_1113083/native_exe/16006183


5-Mar-2015 10:56

Hi Bert,

thanks for the quick answer.
But the links doesn't work. And I am not sure where to search for. I found the Trust website, but I don't know which mouse(driver) to select,



5-Mar-2015 11:21

The link is perfect - if I click on it in my email program, the dialog for the download is offered.
Antvirus, Inet secure, or other nice features?

However: Ami Mouse 250S Optical E-mail USB



5-Mar-2015 11:31

yes, now I have found it, the link didn't work an hour ago,

thanks again,


Mary Doyle

5-Mar-2015 11:44

Hi Herman,

I usually use the arrow keys (1 record at a time) and the Page Up/Down keys (screen at a time) to scroll such records, but that is because I happen to prefer using the keyboard to the mouse.


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