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Error messages not displaying

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24-Feb-2015 11:01

Hi all

I have a problem affecting one computer only where macro error messages are not being displayed. For example, if an Option Explicit macro has a variable undefined, no message is popping up.

I'm sure this could be lots of things, maybe another program for example. Just wondered if you'd come across this before and if so how did you fix it?

Thanks :)


24-Feb-2015 16:12

Before testing a lot - these two things can perhaps help you:
- try to uninstall Cardbox Client, then install it again. Perhaps you lost a 'connection' to the VBS things. Reinstalling can repair this perhaps.
- If this does not help look in your taskmanager - processes. Kill proces mdm.exe (right mouseclick). It this helps, find a way that mdm.exe not is started when the pc starts.
- I experienced it also once when I wrote an error in my macro ;-)

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