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Can database only exist within program folder

Can databases exist outside of Cardbox program folder

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13-Feb-2015 19:23

Can you confirm that cardbox databases MUST remain in the folder in which they were first created. Since the manual says you can copy files, I thought that meant I could copy said files, and move them to a new folder ... even if you amend the reference paths to the *.fil and *fmt files in the *cbw file. But after 8hrs, I'm no further forward. (Is that what you mean when you say they must remain "relative" to each other: From root folder down to the sub-folder level? ie you can't change "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cardbox 3.0\Photo_database.fil" to "C:\SchoolPics\student_db.fil" even if change paths in *.cbw file?)

I started off with the files in the Program folder, and copied them to "C:\SchoolPics" Renamed them to avoid confusion. But click on "*.fil" or "*.cbw", and the data loads ... but with the wrong format, (it pulls it in from program folder using a redundant file that's 2wks old) and immediately overwrites the cbw file in the "SchoolPics" folder with the incorrect format. Load it from the original location, correct database and correct format.

Is this to do with the registry entry? Is there a way to copy the format file to a new location?

And how do you start with a database with empty records, but using an existing format? I tried "deleting" the "*.fil" in program folder (or temporarily renaming it) but when click "cbw" or Cardbase icon, all I got was an empty window without any format data! I don't want to add ALL schools to one large database, and similarly, I don't want to have to start the format editor from scratch again every time. Is there a solution?


13-Feb-2015 20:25

Read The Cardbox Book Part 5.
It's difficult to develop an application with a program without knowledge of that program.


14-Feb-2015 09:21

"It's difficult to develop an application with a program without knowledge of that program." Well, since you've been posting answers on forums since 2006 when Mary was learning the program, you have an 8 year lead on my knowledge! (Google can provide some interesting facts)

I tried that method ... but it didn't work. Or, to be more exact, it worked but incorrectly.

Clicked on "*.fil" in "Program Files", and correct copy loaded. Copied "*.fmt" to new folder, set up "New Database", and instantly showed the old format! Out of curiousity, I compared both original file and the copied file. Both were identical. But interestingly, the data showed the existance of an "OK Button" ... which is only present in the old format that has been loading! So technically, copying the "*.fmt" file has worked correcly ... even though the format I've been copying is the wrong one.

But that beggars the question: "Where is the version in Program Files getting its formatting from?", (alas About doesn't show that item of info) Methinks I'm gonna have to go thro the files in the Program Files until I can find one that bears a "SIM" field


14-Feb-2015 10:35

"I tried that method ... but it didn't work. Or, to be more exact, it worked but incorrectly."
No, you did not right.

READ this carefully:
1 .If Cardbox is on your screen: close first all databases , then close Cardbox. DO NOT close Cardbox WITH all databases: Cardbox saves in the workspace file (.cbw) your last position in Cardbox stored (en restores it from when Cardbox is restarted ----> it is all in the manual and the HELP (Workspaces).
2. Then you can copy abc.fil en abc.fmt to wherever you want - that IS the complete database. Rename them if you like tot bbb.fil en bbb.fmt. (same name!!!)
3. Then re-open Cardbox. You get an empty Cardbox window (just as when you closed Cardbox). Then File - open - My computer - browse to bbb.fil. That is your copy. Launch bbb.fil in Win Explorer is also possible.

A new database from an existing format: copy only in step 2 abc.fmt to bbb.fmt.
Open Cardbox - File - New Database - My Computer - browse to bbb.fmt. Open it. See a wonder: a new database on your copied existing format.

Open and close a database (just like a movie in your media player or a worddoc).
Btw: Simple down to earth Windows. If such a knowledge is not present or is understood , developing will we very hard.

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