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Copying to Clipboard - missing option

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West Sussex Knowledge

10-Feb-2015 16:09

I want to enable copying to clipboard when not editing but that option is not given in Tools-Options-General. Any suggestions on how to recover it?
Mike Roddham
West Sussex Knowledge & Libraries


10-Feb-2015 16:34

Just like any Windows program you can in non-edit mode select text. Also in Cardbox. Selected text you can copy by..... ctrl+c
Another trick: right click in a field 1 second. You get another menu as short right click. There is also a copy command for the selected text. If nothing is selected, the whole field is copied. That menu you choose to let it be the default menu when right click in a field. Tools options - search menu...
Copy all Fields in one click? Page 139 of the Cardbox book.

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