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Cardbox Serial No & Registration

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8-Feb-2015 13:26

I am trying to give different databases different passwords and profiles. I am having difficulty with this.
I think it is because my Cardbox is not registered and I cannot create different profiles..
I would have been happy to pay for the programme but it is now free.

Please - how do I register my copy to get all the facilities.

Many thanks for any help.


8-Feb-2015 14:23

Please read http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/licence31.htm


10-Feb-2015 01:45

I am afraid that I am struggling with this, I am using he FREE 3.1 Cardbox edition.
At home as a stand alone single user version I have created two databases and created User Profiles for them which then require a logon to start. I cannot however get thenm to have individual user profiles to only open one at a time. Once I have logged on either of the profiles I can open both databases at will. But at least one password is better than none and is some protection.

At Work I have installed the Server Edition to get networking. I had great trouble trying to understand the concepts so my IT firm got it going from my main server.
I have one main database which is working fine around the network.
When I want to add/create a new database to the Server Installation I get a message "cannot create new database says "need server's database creation password""
If I go to Tools\Manage User Profiles says need "access codes"

I do not have this password nor the access code as this was a FREE edition
Where do I go from here?

I have read " http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/licence31.htm" - as suggested and see

"Multi-user / network
It is now the responsibility of the administrator of the Cardbox Server to set up an access code which users will have to enter if they want to encrypt or password-protect a database. This is done in the Security page of the Cardbox Server control"

and I have tried to create an access code 1234567 but nothing happened, What sort of code am I supposed to create??

Cardbox is obliviously great - but is hard for starters with no current support.
Very grateful for any help and pointers.



10-Feb-2015 08:35

-I understand that you want to protect by a profile that only one of two/three by a profile secured databases on your system can be opened? That is not possible by profiles: A profile is protection for a database. So, you cannot limit by a profile that a user only can open one database on your system. That is not the meaning of a profile. By a profile you can limit/protect data in your database.
-Cannot create database on a network: is it really so difficult to understand that you have to tell to a Cardbox Server the things you want from it? In Cardbox Server are useful things added to protect a Cardbox Server environment for garbage. Again I have to say: read the Cardbox Server book! In there is exact written how to set up a database. A hint: open the Control panel of Cardbox Server and read the tabs and see what there is to control. Especially the automatic directory can be useful. See also the Server Book!
-Acces codes: read also the last line of http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/licence31.htm about using access code in Free Cardbox 3.1. You can to add it in Cardbox Server! And “nothing happens”: what is nothing? What did you do where, and what was the message?
-Again again again: read the manuals. It’s all written very good, detailed – that in contrast with many other software. That’s what I call extremely good support.

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