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Server Problems

(problems connecting to server)

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22-Dec-2014 19:15

I have installed Cardbox Server on my desktop upstairs and all seems fine, system is running, file location is correct etc.
When I try to connect to the server from a laptop downstairs to check everything is working, I am unable to connect and it timeouts.
I have checked everything I can think off (firewalls totally disabled on both machines), what I have noticed is that the IP address of the server and the laptop are the same. Presumably this is because they both use the same router?
Would I solve my problem by trying to connect from another computer altogether that is not physically close to the server and not sharing the same router?
Or am I missing something altogether?
Grateful for any help anyone is able to offer



22-Dec-2014 23:59

You did not write how you concluded that both pc's has same ip address.
If both pc's has same ip address then you found the source of your problem with Cardbox (and other problems).
However, as far as I know, is getting automatic an ip address default in Windows. Did you change this? If yes, correct it by on both pc's switch on getting an automatic ip address (network properties/ tcp/ip).
Also check also in your router if DHCP is switched on. Both pc's need this!
So, I think your Cardbox problem is not a Cardbox problem but a Windows network issue.

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