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PhotoArchive with local storage

Using PhotoArchive with local storage or NAS

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14-Dec-2014 21:12

I'm wondering if it's possible to use Cardbox PhotoArchive with local (C:\xx) or on a NAS drive instead of storing data on Amazon S3.

I'm new on the forum and a new Cardbox user.


15-Dec-2014 00:33

It is not total clear what you mean by PhotoArchive.
- original files some where on a disk? Cardbox can function then very fine a a catalogue.
- files stored into Cardbox itself + thumbnail for quick view + catalogue? Also very fine.
To be clear: Cardbox is not a photo browser (most photo 'managing' programs are), it is an excellent tool what you can show and bring you to your photos.
I'm glad we do not need Amazon for that. You need Cardbox on a Window machine, some disk storage somewhere.


15-Dec-2014 13:44

Thanks Bert,
At http://www.cardbox.com/support/kb/photoarchive.htm there is an item on building an advanced photographic archive and a link:The sample database, together with all the necessary macros, is available for download in a file called photoarchive.zip.
I was hoping to be able to modify this database to include both photographs and documents, PDF and MS Word etc. and to store them locally - not on Amazon.

Thanks again


15-Dec-2014 16:46

Because there seems not to exist a simple example without Amazon 'things' ;-(, I tried to make this which can be used as a photodatabase.
In the zip a database + one macro for reading the images. The images are stored in Cardbox a thumbnail with a link to the source image file.
You can extend the database with your new additional fields. You can copy an image in Cardbox (right mouse click) and paste it in a Worddoc etc.
Download it it here : http://stortenbeker.eu/photoarchive.zip.
Read the Help and the manual for knowing Cardbox!



15-Dec-2014 18:03

Thanks for the quick response Bert, I'll have a look at your file and read the CB manual.


15-Dec-2014 22:41

There is now another link to the download:

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