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Unique ID per record using cardbox.interop.dll

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11-Dec-2014 10:20

I need to sync a cardbox database to a website (i.e. display some of the record data on a website) and have some written most of the code to do this but I can't find a way to get a unique ID per record in cardbox. How can this be done?

I have this so far: -

records = application.Windows.Item("IOPMAIN").Database.AllRecords
enumerator = records.GetEnumerator
Do While enumerator.MoveNext
  Dim current As Record = DirectCast(enumerator.Current, Record)

I would expect to see an ID property on the record object, but there is nothing like this.




11-Dec-2014 11:29

There are slotnumbers. However, you cannot select on it.
So, If you added a field containing a unique ID, then you can use that. Easy to add by using validator automatic numbering in combination with validator unique term.
(B.t.w. every Cardbox database should contain such a field)


11-Dec-2014 16:23

Hi Bert,

Thanks for your reply. We don't need to select on it as we plan to parse all the records each sync. I will use the slot-number field.

Thanks again for the quick reply :-)


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