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Technical preview Windows 10

Just did a light test with Cardbox in the Technical Preview of Windows 10

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10-Dec-2014 09:57

Just did a light test installing Cardbox Server and Cardbox Client in a virtual machine running Windows 10.
No problems! Also a complex macro: no problem.
In VM Ware I had to switch off the firewall. But that seems a VM Ware problem. Because in Virtual Box of Oracle were no problems with this.
One point of attention: install Cardbox Server being Administrator. To make yourself easy, run Cardbox Server first not as a service, but as a program. Only then will Windows ask to add an exception for Cardbox Server in the Firewall. After adding this, restart Cardbox Server and change it to a Windows Service if you like. If you open the Control Panel of Cardbox Server: open it as Administrator (right mouse click). Otherwise it won't accept changes.
It seems we can enjoy Cardbox for many years to go.

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