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Merge Blocks

Use of Merge Blocks

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1-Dec-2014 06:21

After creating fields like name,telephone etc, I also created a merge block with name in bold followed by telephone number. In print preview I am getting the 2 field values AND the merge block value. This looks like repetition. I am wondering where I should place the merge block.


1-Dec-2014 09:44

I you don't need a mergeblock, don't use it!
You can use it if you want in a format to combine text + field content of one or more fields. Useful for printing situations.
It is not obvious to place a field in a format, and add same field in same format in a merge block. Except of course if you need this.


1-Dec-2014 10:43

Thanks Bert. Just started using Cardbox yesterday. Merge Blocks kind of intrigued me. I didn't see it in any of the samples. Have been googling quite a bit on Cardbox. Doesn't seem to be popular. But for me it sounds exciting. Shall keep exploring it.


1-Dec-2014 11:23

Explore it further on! You will be surprised and wonder why it's (still) so unknown.
I use it since 1988 and never seen software which could be really an alternative.
Suggestion: push on F1 wherever you are in the software. The Help is is very complete and will lead you on.

And indeed: searching in the forum would be a very fine addition!


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