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How would I send a copy of a cardbox database to a non-cardbox user?

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27-Nov-2014 21:31

I use Carbox at work and have created a couple of new databases detailing 1000 bits of furniture, china etc and my boss wants to see the database but he is in a completely different part of the country and doesn't have Cardbox. He just wants to see what is on my database, it is not to work on it or anything. He asked me if I could just put the databses onto a disc and send it to him.
Help! I have no idea how to do this? I love my Cardbox Databases but my i.t. skills are quite victorian. Any ideas?


27-Nov-2014 22:17

Can you use File > Export ... > Same layout as the screen display ("print-to-disk") to create a copy that your boss can view?


27-Nov-2014 23:40

1. Ask your boss to download and install the free Cardbox Client. Does not harm his pc, cost no money...
2. Send your database to him using http://www.wetransfer.com or so. Do there what is asked on the screen (click away the message for using the pro version). You need to upload two files: nameofyourdatabase.fil and nameofyourdatabase.fmt. Possible they are located in Documents/Cardbox.
3. If your boss has downloaded these files after he got his wetransfer email - they will be in a zip file. So he has to unpack (unzip) these files.
4. After unzipping + after installing Cardbox: double click in the Windows Explorer on the nameofyourdatabase.fil. Cardbox will start with the database you double clicked on.
5. If he has difficulties using Cardbox: push on F1: HELP! Advice him to take a little time to explore Cardbox, just as most people take time to explore their smart-phone...


3-Dec-2014 08:47

Thank you so much. Off to try. Been in bed with flu since my post, sorry for delay in replying.

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