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Macro Manager Password on Cardbox 2.0

The Password for macro manager is no longer being accepted

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6-May-2014 08:34

Good Morning,
            I'm looking into an issue where our users are reporting that their macros have disappeared. On closer inspection the macro file is still there but any attempts to add them back in via macro manager fail as the password is not being accepted. We have used the same password for the last decade, and it would seem that this is happening across several of our databases. Is there anyway to reset the manager password? We're running Cardbox 2.0 on Windows Xp and the DB files are hosted on a Novell Network drive.
Kind Regards
Rob Naylor


6-May-2014 10:37

Do not know what is happening.
You can remove the existing passwords bij deleting the section passwords in cboxnet.ini.


6-May-2014 12:22

Thanks Bert - this allowed me to reselect the MCD files and our users are happy once again :)
Kind Regards

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