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Macro to save to different locations

Macro that would allow you to enter a Folder name which is numbered and then save it to that folder.

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6-Mar-2014 23:49

I need assistance with a macro that would allow me to save Outlook emails to multiple folder locations. The folders would all reside under 1 central folder(for example Documents/2014)but there are multiple folders numbered under the 2014 folder. So I would like to be able to save emails to say folder 1,2,and 3 one time and perhaps 1,4,6 another. Is there a way to create a macro to use Documents/2014 as the root and just have a box that comes up to enter that number and have it automatically save to that location? Any help would be appreciated.


7-Mar-2014 10:01

This is a Cardbox forum. Please ask on an VBA/Outlookforum such as http://www.outlookcode.com/

Thomas G Walsh

18-Mar-2014 20:06

Yes, thanks! I have been doing some very repetitious work of copy/paste from source texts that are different languages but the very same numbered texts to a target script that is also numbered. After 5 months and tons more work I have decided to join the wise and write a macro which I more or less understand but have never done! This seems like the place to get info. I have downloaded your resource material and will start reading. Can you guide me to the area I should concentrate on in this study?

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