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Cardbox Server keeps closing down

I have Cardbox Server running as a service and it keeps closing down when my users try to log on

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5-Mar-2014 08:53

I am running 3.1 on Windows Server 12 Essentials. We have it set up to run as a service and we have the server restart every night. However when we come to log onto cardbox in the morning we get the message that the "cardbox server has closed down". If I go into the control panel I cannot stop the server to change it to run as a program to see if that rectifies the issue. We have to restart the server to enable us to connect to the database. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this.

Also, I am thinking of getting a developer to rehash my databases to make them as functional as they can be. Does anyone know what coding language I would need someone to be proficient in.

Thanks for any help in advance



5-Mar-2014 10:26

Windows Server 12 essentials I did not test ever. So perhaps I need to install a demo of MS or so the try to reproduce this...
Are there others users who use Windows Server 12 essentials? What is their experience? Please let us know!

However, some questions:
I understand that you can work all day without problems?
When Cardbox Server is down, is it not possible to kill the Cardbox Server process by the taskmanager and then restart the Windows Service again in stead of rebooting whole server?
Does on cmd prompt net stop/start anything? What is the message?
Is it possible after restarting all to stop en start the service by the Cardbox Control Panel?
Is this also possible by the Windows services window?
Did you, as a test, ever tried to run Cardbox Server (one day) as a foreground application? Is the behaviour the same then at night?
Does it freeze on same time every night? Perhaps you can find this in the logfile or file date/time of it. So switch some log things on by the control panel of Cardbox Server.
Anyone other suggestions?

If it all continues, I advice to send logfiles of your Cardbox Server to support@cardbox.com. Perhaps they can see something in the log file.

I did several Cardbox projects improving/developing their databases in The Netherlands and in Belgium.
If you are also living in UK: I think I need to live there... But perhaps, perhaps, remote are a lot of things possible to day.

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