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Drop down list works, but "Search" and "Search also" on this field don't work correctly -> message : there are no records in the current selection

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28-Jan-2014 16:39

I added a drop-down-list with 20 elements in a field of my database. Addng records and choosing an element op the drop down list works well.
By right clicking on this field I can chose one element of my drop down menu and I find the right record.

Exemple fieldname "Material" and drop down list ="01.Computer"

But by Menu Search -> Select -> Field "Material" -> search for "01" give no results. The same with "01.Computer"

Tested with "which index" = word and which index ="Numbers/dates"
It seems there is a problem with the index.
What is to do; is it possible to recreate the index or ??

Thanks to all


28-Jan-2014 18:57

There is nothing wrong.
A little confusing is this. This is a pitfall for non experienced Cardbox users.

If you read the manual of Cardbox then you see that in the index of text (01.Computer is text because there is one character in this string) all dots, commas, etc are negotiated.
So if you search by your menu-search then you have to search for 01Computer and you will find it.
The right-mouse-button-search in a dropdown (and checkbox/radiobutton field) is a kind of service where the not index parts are removed in this type of search strings. See also Ctrl+H (History) after a search action. There you can see what is executed when you did a search.

The menu-search should be switch off for fields in case of dropdown/listbox/checkbox fields. However, the menu does not know that you gonna search into such a field.... So choosing a field where a dropdown/checkbox/radiobuttons are activated, the search dialog should pop up a list with the terms of dropdownlist etc.

However, it does not. Cardbox can be improved with a lot of things like this. I have more than 100 suggestions in a (Cardbox)database. Only possible when there are suddenly a million paying users or so...?

So read the help, download the manuals on the Cardbox site. Read them - it is not difficult stuff and it will be a joy to learn more and more of Cardbox.


29-Jan-2014 09:40

The SEARCH problem by inserting Drop-dow-menus seems to be a big problem.

The same file how works well on my Laptop Windows 7 and finds also by Menu Search -> Select -> Field "Material" -> search for "01" and SEARCH also for "14" the correct results.

But on the PC of my customer with the same Windows 7 , last cardbox version finds "no resulta
Also Tools -> Management -> Adjust indexing don't change the problem.??

That must be a activated/nonactivated parameter in the menu, but the question is What ??
Card Box is simple to manipulate, but when there is one a problem, it costs hours !


29-Jan-2014 10:40

If you get different results: I advised you to look in History. In that case there will be also differences I think. Did you do?
I think there is no index problem. If things work on pc A, it will also work on pc B. Never experienced something else with Cardbox.

If you enter in a field a with dropdown list: 01.Bert then you can find 01.Bert by the right mouse click on that field and click on 01.bert. But if you look in History you wil see Cardbox did search to O1bert (without dot). So if you search by menu option search-select and so on, then you heave to enter 01BERT.

Btw: Did your customer before a query : search - clearALLSelections?

Also: be more specific what you do. Copy and paste from both machines history by example in this list. Perhaps we can try to help you then better.
Please do not think Cardbox does not find things right. If it did, I missed a lot of Cardbox content last 25 years.



29-Jan-2014 12:05

by the right mouse click on the field it always works !! (on all Pcs)

The difference is :

on 1 PC Menu -> Search -> select and ->select also give correct results

but on the second PC (with card box server " give " no result" ?????

(Windows 7, same Card box version)


29-Jan-2014 12:17

Please again: copy (and paste) the History after the search result (one WITH found records, the other with no records selected) of both machines.


22-May-2015 16:15

I have only 9 field in the database The search finds words in only five of the fields....when i do search for 1988 nothing the date is always four_three 1988_777 i search for 1988 but nothing

no drop downs all fields are different names all fields contain different information

i have 39,900 entries in the database

I use Search Select search record data

does this work

Any ideas?????
If i seach for a name that works fine


22-May-2015 17:32

When you search 1988 and you want to find 1988_777, enter then 1988* - search in word index.
When there is a number as well as a character in a word/string, Cardbox treats the number as a word, a string.
So read also in the help how to search using the ? and the * (wildcards).
Read also the in Help how to search on data. Searching there works a little different.
You cannot search in 5 of 9 fields. You can search in one field or all fields.

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