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Only some files are accessible by other users on network

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23-Jan-2014 15:23

I have 6 files or databases that need to be accessible by the three users I have set up. However only 2 of them are accessible by the other users and do not appear on the list from the server... why would this be so?
The only difference between the files that I can see is that when I click the recently used tab locations are different...
The location of the two visible files is on the server and its ip address is visible, the location of the other four are there file location on my desktop...
Forgive me if im doing something obviously stupid!!


23-Jan-2014 17:50

You can only share databases if the data path+files names all are added in Cardbox Server.
Second important point: files must be located on same computer as Cardbox Server is installed.
There are workarounds for this last thing: mapping drives or add a network useraccount to Cardbox Server Windows Service which has read/write rights on the location of the databases.
If six databases are on that pc/server, then they must appear into the database list of a client. If not: per accident checked off in Cardbox server "Name is visible to the user"?


27-Jan-2014 08:51

Thanks for your reply...
I understand what you are saying.... All the files are shared and added in the Cardbox Server Control under the tab Files... The path is correct...
I can open the other files individually on my computer (the server runs on my computer) but other users cant... i guess then that I am not opening them through the server, otherwise they would be visible by other computers....
On the server admin I have made them visible and they are defo on the files list....

In cardbox, when i click the recently used tab - next to server tab - in file - open, the database's that i cant open are on the same list as the ones i can open, but their location is different... the ones i can open show as being on the server and the IP address is visible, but the other files show the their file and folder path in the C drive... this is what i cant change and why i know they arent running through the server...
how can I change this??

Im sure im doing something really obviously stupid!!



27-Jan-2014 09:33

You say: "but other users cant..."
What happens if:
- Cardbox client open, file, open, tab server, enter right ip or machine name then push view?
Is there an error message - if yes, which message?

Look also at the Windows Firewall on the server computer. Port 3105 + 3106, incoming you must allow for Cardbox. Perhaps you have to add this (Configuaration Panel, Firewall, Advanced, incoming, add a port).

Let us know the error message.

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