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Boolean search in two fields

I like to do a Boolean selection from two different fields

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2-Jan-2014 10:33

Normally to make a selection from two different fields you first select Field1 and then Field2 (here the fieldnames are Length1 and Length2):

x=InputBox(prompt,"Enter length (cm)")
ActiveWindow.Select "Length1",":"+x
ActiveWindow.Select "Length2",x+":"

After the selection you are in Level 2.
To undo this selection you have to go back 2 levels.

But is it possible to do the selection in one command line so that the Level is 1 (and not 2)?
Something like:
ActiveWindow.Select "Length1",":"+x AND "Length2",x+":"

I know that this does'nt work.

Has someone a better idea?



2-Jan-2014 14:14

Impossible. Search in one field or in all fields.

Can you explain why you want to this on Level 1?

However: I see you want to do this in a macro (Inputbox).
If you want the result on Level 1 than you can 'keep' the records which you search first, then do a second search and add that records to the first 'keep' records. Then ClearAllLevels and select the records of the 'keep' = Level 1.

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