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Server refusing connection

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West Sussex Knowledge

13-Dec-2013 15:26

Have today downloaded and installed Cardbox Server onto my server (Windows Server 2003 SP2) and Cardbox 3.1 onto workstations. When 3.1 tries to connect through the server to the databases I get the following message:

Cannot connect to server:
  No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (ECONNREFUSED: 10061).

I'm told there is no firewall in place and have tried changing the port, without success.

Any ideas how to solve this?


13-Dec-2013 19:27

I think your Internet security or firewall software is causing this.
Really, check the windows firewall. While testing, be sure it is switched off.
Do not change Cardbox ports. Can only give more confusion.


19-Feb-2014 07:38

I had received the same message. The cardbox server was installed, but not correctly started !


19-Feb-2014 09:14

Switch off you firewall and internet security software.
I think the problem will be solved. Then check that software to allow Cardbox Server on ports 3105/3106.
Also in the Help is is suggestion.


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