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Adding multiple index-terms from a drop-down/pick-list

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15-Oct-2013 08:11

I tried to allocate more index-terms to a field by drop-downlist/picklist. It was no problem to make such a list. My problem is: how can I choose more than one term from a picklist. Every time I try to choose another index-term it overrides the first one. What am I doing wrong?


15-Oct-2013 09:23

"Every time I try to choose another index-term it overrides the first one." I think you mean: I only can choose one term in a field using a dropdownlist. You use in field properties the view option.

If you want to insert in a field more terms using a list, use validation, check words/numbers/dates.
You can use right mouse click in such a field to enter terms or F4 getting a list an select a term you want to insert. In that list you can select a second term using ctrl+mouseclick.

Charles Welling

15-Oct-2013 14:14

You're not doing anything wrong, apart from the fact that you try to pick multiple items using a feature that was designed to make you pick a SINGLE item. In that aspect, a drop-down box behaves very much in the same way as radio buttons.
To solve this, change the layout of your list to checkboxes.

Bert's solution works too, but it has some disadvantages. Checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down lists can show the actual contents of a field in a different way, e.g, a complicated code can be shown as plain text or, working the other way around, long words can be shown as simple options like "A", "B", "C".
When you use validation lists, the actual data and what you see on the screen will be exactly the same.

Your choice.

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