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Database file has a different password from the format file

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28-Aug-2013 09:23

I have been using Cardbox Plus 4.1 for many years but now a lot of my users are getting Windows 7 and maintaining a way of allowing them access to use cardbox is becoming an issue. I have taken a copy of the cardboxplus directory so that I can test and plan an upgrade to Cardbox 3.

This system was not originally installed by me so and I dont actually use it so I dont know intricacies of the system.

I have lots of *.FIL files but only one of them is of any size and from what I have gathered from the users, is the only one that is actually used. I used the upgrade tool to create the *.FMT files for them. Some of them open fine but for the main one that is used I get the error: "The database file has a different password from the format file. Please enter the password of the database file". I dont know what the password is.

I am able to open the main fil file in the old cardbox plus system and I am not asked for a password.
Is there anyway to get around this problem?



28-Aug-2013 11:08

Your DOS database is secured by a profile.
Perhaps - depending of the added profile limitations - will this work:
- in the DOS main screen use "Backup/Repair" to make a DMP file.
- Then in Cardbox 3.1: Try to make a new database of that database after conversion the frm tot an fmt file by menu file, tab my computer, click on the right format file).
If this will work, you get a empty new database.
Then you can try to import in Cardbox 3.1 the by the DOS version written "backup" file (dmp file) by menu file, import, import from file.
This all only can work if there will be no import/export etc limitations, added by cprofile in the DOS version.
We like to hear how this continues!


29-Aug-2013 08:20

I couldn't quite understand your suggestion but I think it pointed me in the correct direction and I have got it working so thank you very much.

These are the steps I performed to make this work.

Take a copy of the old FIL file which I will refer to as OLD.FIL
Load OLD.FIL into CardboxPlus and select Backup/Repair to make a DMP file (OLD.DMP). This can take a while if you have a lot of records.
Run the converter tool and convert OLD.FIL which will create OLD.FMT
Open Cardbox 3.1 and click File > New Database (NEW.FIL)
Click Edit > Format > Edit
Click on Insert a field (6th button in)
Draw a single field, it doesnt matter what shape or size
Click OK to accept the default name (it doesnt matter what it is)
Click OK to accept the field properties (they dont matter)
Click File > Save
Click OK to the Save/Update Format dialogue box if it appears
Exit from Cardbox 3.1
Browse to where you saved NEW.FIL
You should now also find NEW.FMT
Delete NEW.FMT
Open Cardbox 3.1
Click on File > Import > From File
Change 'Files of type' to 'Cardbox Internal files (*.dmp)' and browse to your OLD.DMP and click Open.

Many thanks for your help. I find it quite amazing that software this old is still being used and has a helpful community. The earliest record there is in my database is dated 1985.

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