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Does the Cloud include clouds like Dropbox and Skydrive?

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5-Aug-2013 15:49

The home page says: "Host your databases on your own network server, or on a workstation, or on a server in the Cloud."

On the Networking (and Intewrnet) page it says: "If you don't have any permanently Internet-connected computer then you can still set up database sharing, by hosting your Cardbox Server in the Cloud."

On the download and install the Cardbox Server page it says: "You must perform the installation directly on the actual computer on which the Cardbox Server itself is to be run. You can do this either by sitting at the machine itself or by connecting to it via a remote desktop mechanism.

It is not enough to run the installer on a workstation and tell it to install the program files on your server. There are some system settings that need changing, and this can only be done if the installer is running on the server."
Can one do this on something like Dropbox or Skydrive? If so please advise the steps required.


5-Aug-2013 17:04

Dropbox and Skydrive are services which are somewhere on servers in the cloud.

Cardbox Server also can run on a server somerwhere in the cloud which has installed Cardbox Server. If gives the possibility to serve a database that can be used then all over internet, using Cardbox Client on the workstation side. The database is mostly located then also on such a server. You have to tell that to Cardbox Server.
I think that on the Dropbox and Skydrive Servers Cardbox Server is not installed ;-).
So, that service is not available there.

Cardbox Server in the cloud is nothing more than run a Cardbox Server on a pc or server which has connection with Internet. If you install Cardbox Server on a pc at home and tell your cable- or ASDL modem (Network Address Translation) on which pc you Cardbox Server is running, all over the internet the databases which are served by that server can be used: so they are in the cloud then...



31-Aug-2013 10:11

Hi Bert,
My databases, my server and my Cardbox 3.0 software are on something called 'JustCloud'
It would be great if you could explain, step by step for a non-technical guy, what you need to do in order to access Cardbox from these databases unto an Android tablet.
You lose me, in particular, when you talk about telling cable/ADSL 'on which pc you Cardbox Server is running'. How do I do that?



31-Aug-2013 17:58

First I think the most simple way is described this week by Cardboss:
However, this cost some money.

The decribed "Amazon system" you also can do free, using Teamviewer.
For that way: Install on your Windows machine with Cardbox the free software: Teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx).
Find and install in Google Play Store on your Android tablet Teamviewer.
With that app you can do all things on your Windwows machine, so even you can run Cardbox. This works also on my Adroid Smartphone.
In most situations you do not need to change things on your router/modem using Teamviewer.

The only other way I know now using a Cardbox database on your tablet is a way of writing a fitted html application. You can query Cardbox then by the browser on your tablet.
On the web are a few examples of Cardbox applications. See for that http://cardbox.com/solutions/internet.htm examples under ASP and Cardweb. Both examples are read-only. Only the ASP example can be changed (if necessary) to read/write.


31-Aug-2013 22:39

Amazing and thanks.
Best wishes,

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