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Cardbox 3.1

Has anyone upgraded to 3.1 yet. Is it a simple process

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2-Aug-2013 09:19

Hello Has anyone upgraded to 3.1 as yet. Was it simple did you encounter any issues at all. Are there many differences?




2-Aug-2013 10:36

No trouble at at all. The only major change in 3.1 is that you do not need a license any more and there are some bug fixes.
For removing license info: in the program subfolder "licences" or remove licences.ini etc etc.
If you use databases on an old Cardbox Server it is possible you need your license. So you also can leave it as it is and only install 3.1 replacing 3.0.



13-Sep-2013 05:46

Downloading and installing Cardbox 3.1 from the Cardbox website. There are no previous installs. The licence agreement, which I understand, is no longer required, appears in a Licence Agreement window. The agreement text overflows the window and there is no visible way to agree or decline and so no way to complete the install. Comment?


13-Sep-2013 08:32

Remove or rename in /program files/cardbox*** all files and folders named "licences".
Then run setup again of 3.1. Just next next next next next (or enter enter enter...).
Do not for get to "agree"


13-Sep-2013 16:26

Hello Bert,

Thanks for the suggestion but perhaps I didn't explain sufficiently. Since the install does not move past the licence page, Cardbox is not installed in C:/program files so there is nothing to remove or rename. Beyond that, since the Next button does not appear at the Licence windows there is no way to select it. Hitting the Enter button simply causes a return to the initial/previous Cardbox Setup window.


13-Sep-2013 18:27

You write in topic "upgrade". So that means to me there is somewhere a prior version of Cardbox...
In a first setup you only have to switch on "Yes I agree" in the screen "License Agreement".
If you do this, "next" button light up. Continue with this button.
I never experienced this did not work.
Which OS??


13-Sep-2013 23:52

XP, SP3. There is no "Yes I agree" available. The License Agreement window is too small to contain the license text and there is no way to expand it to see if a "Yes I agree" button is contained in the window. I downloaded last night and am trying to install version


14-Sep-2013 10:16

please send me a screendump of this to cbx@telfort.nl
(I think it is Windows problem or new virus scanner feature or something)


15-Sep-2013 07:32

Thnx voor the dump.
Did never seen this before. The bottom part of the license dialogue is not displayed. It does not scale.
I think there is your the appearance settings of windows something a little strange thing.
The work around: When the licence screen comes up: press first a space bar. The next button will activate.


15-Sep-2013 20:31

Hi Bert,

Hmmmm... went to a older xp laptop that isn't used much, Cardbox installed easily and the install screens were perfectly ok.

Soooo... went back to the desktop machine, same issue with the install screens, but did press the space bar as you suggested, and the install went perfectly. I've opened up Cardbox on this machine and loaded a couple of sample dbs. Everything seems fine. Don't know what the issue is with the install screens, but thank you for sticking with me on this. Much appreciated.

Now to learn the program ;-)


- karl


16-Sep-2013 10:17

you will enjoy it

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