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Adding text to fields

I have an issue with adding text to text fields, any ideas

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31-Jul-2013 09:33

When I add text to a couple of the fields on my database, then things seem to go very wrong. The text will disappear and you are writing blind, but when you press enter it is there again. Sometimes you cant add any further text to a box even though it not even remotetly full of existing text.
I have a multi user version and it is happening on all of the users databases. It is just standard indexed text, nothing big or clever. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?


31-Jul-2013 10:37

I experienced that type of behaviour (typing text which is there, but it is not displayed right) in two situations:
- Using font Calibri. So do not use it anymore. Calibri is too difficult voor Cardbox. Change it to Tahoma or something.
- Using a very basic video card (of a laptop) to a 22 inch screen in combination whit the DVI connection. Solution there was using the VGA connection.
You recognize something?


31-Jul-2013 12:11

Hi Bert

Thanks for that, I was using calibri, changed it to tahoma and that seems to have done the job.



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