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Adding Special Menu

Does anyone know how to make a newly added Special Menu visible for other users?

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Mara Gerritsen

23-Jun-2005 09:08

With Tools > Special Menu > This Computer I have made a new "Special Menu" with a few items and each item will call a macro.
Unfortunately the other Cardbox users (using the same computer and the same database) don't see this Special Menu at all.
How can I make the Special Menu visible for all our Cardbox users?
Will my Special Menu definitions be saved in a file or something?


23-Jun-2005 13:53

There are four scopes that you can give to a Special menu item - see pages 18 and 14 of "Cardbox: Macros and Programming" - and the menu item's visibility depends on which you have chosen.

The This Computer scope belongs to your user identity. Its information is stored in the Windows registry for the current user.

Probably you need either the Database scope, which will apply to all users of this database, wherever they are, or the Workspace scope, which will apply to anyone who uses your workspace [.cbw] file.

Mara Gerritsen

24-Jun-2005 09:00

I think in my case I should use the Database scope, but when I try to change my Special Menu (with Tools > Special Menu > This Computer) I only see the This Computer scope and the Workspace Scope. Do you probably know where I can find the Database scope?


10-Oct-2005 14:38

Everything to do with the Database scope is stored in the format file, so you need to be editing the native format in order to be able to make changes to the Database scope.

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