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Cardbox for dos just died! Help what should I do now?

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1-Jul-2013 12:37

Need some advice? Been happily using this for 15 years but pc has finally given up!! I have a cd with Cardbox for windows version 3 on it which i can load up. I now need to purchase a new pc. Hubby wants an apple mac which I would prefer to but is this advisable I want something that I can run Cardbox on stress free? It's going to be hard enough trying to learn how to Dedupe etc in windows!!! If I buy a pc from dell or high street will windows 8 run smoothly with cardbox version 3?


1-Jul-2013 15:47

Cardbox will work with Windows 8, but re-think on Windows 8. I recently purchased a Win 8 machine and will be taking it back to Windows 7. I don´t like Windows 8 at all. As for Cardbox, well, what can I say !! just works on practically anything and does the job it was designed for better than almost any other database I have encountered. But you know that already.


2-Jul-2013 13:53

If you are not a pc specialist, I advise not to run Cardbox Windows on a Mac.
So, Windows 7 is a good platform for Cardbox Windows. Perhaps you can wait for Windows 8.1 (will be soon). Seems a little better then 8.0.
Dedup is not a co-program any more. Dedup is now a very good working tool inside Cardbox.

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