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Transferring Marcros to a new computer and Carbox 3.1

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25-Jun-2013 10:26

I have recently updated my office computer, and have downloaded Carbox 3.1. However I have had no success in transferring my files and Macros from the old computer into the new carbox software. If anyone has suggestions of how to move everything from carbox on one computer to the other it would be much appreciated.


25-Jun-2013 13:02

Find on your old computer all .cbs files (use Windows file find tools) and place them in the same folders as on the old computer.
Good to know there are 4 (default) locations for macros:
- general macros: default in my documentens/cardbox (you can change that)
- database macros: in a subfolder of a database called databasename.fil.cbs
- related database macros: macros which are in same folder as a database
- workspace macro's: default in my documents/cardbox (you can change that).

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