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Text hyperlinks in screen format

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10-Jun-2013 14:52

Hi all...

I don't think this can be done but does anyone know of a way I can use text hyperlinks in a screen format to play a macro.

For example:

Amend Customer Details
View orders
View invoices

would display as text but play the relevant macro...

I'm aware of file/http/mailto and know I can use pushbuttons but I would prefer simple text links.

Many thanks


10-Jun-2013 15:23


You can in read/search mode select text with your mouse.
That selected text you can use for a macro.

Something like this:
Command cmdCopy
seltxt = trim(ClipboardText)



10-Jun-2013 16:47

Thanks Bert but this isn't what I was looking for.

If it's not possible to put some code for a hyperlink to play macro in a merge block then I will have to use pushbuttons.

They just clutter up the screen!


10-Jun-2013 17:18

You can enter in a field: file:/d:\vbscriptfile.vbs. This will be a link to a .vbs file. In the executed vbs file you can enter all stuff you also can enter in a Cardbox macro. Actually, Cardbox macro's = vbs..


11-Jun-2013 08:49

Thanks Bert

This works of course and plays the script but on my screen I have file:Z:\VB\test.vbs

Can you think of any way of displaying a text link instead of the file location?


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