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Editing Check box


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7-Jun-2013 19:43

I have created my data base and I have a check box in which I have a list of colours. I can then just tick one or more colours to assist my searching. However I have found I now wish to add a further number of colours. I realise I can add colours to the checkbox simply but I would like to ensure the are listed in alphabetical order. My question therefore is can I move the entries I have made without losing the data I have already entered.



7-Jun-2013 20:27

Edit your format, change/sort the colour list as you as you like. It will not change entered database date.

Even: if there is your list colour red, and you remove it in your list, red is not displayed any more in the database. But the term is still in the database (see in search/preview of that field) until you edit/save a record containing red + you changed something in that field.
After adding red again in your list, all is like before if you did not edit a record.

Jelly Belly

7-Jun-2013 21:53

What I do is cut and paste the existing list into Word - add additional items to the list and then use Word to sort alphabetically.

Then simply copy and paste the new sorted list back into Cardbox.


8-Jun-2013 09:42

Thank you both it worked perfectly

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