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Cardbox Server on Linux

I cannot start my cardbox server installed on Linux.

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29-Apr-2013 10:08

Trying to start the server with the command "./cardbox-shared -d" I get the message "file not found". The listing of files in the server's directory shows "cardbox-shared is there. On previous installations I had never this problem.

Raymond Westerik

30-Apr-2013 10:12

I’m far from a Linux expert (on the contrary…), but I recently did a Cardbox/Cardweb installation on a Linux server.
I encountered a few problems (I can remember also the one you mentioned) which I wrote down in a Cardbox/Cardweb-installation-document for Linux.
I would be happy to share this with you. Just send me an e-mail (r.westerik@jadis.nl) and I’ll send it to you (and of course if anyone else is interested just e-mail me as well). Mayebe it can be of help.

Best regards,
Raymond Westerik

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