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Sending Email Format via Outlook - CASH PAID FOR HELP!!!

Need to create a Macro to enable me to send a Format Page via Outlook. CASH PAID FOR HELP!!!

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3-Apr-2013 14:22

I need to send an urgent email via Outlook from Cardbox.

I created a new Format Page, but need all the data to be emailed exactly how the Format Page looks on Cardbox.

Can anyone help me? I will pay cash to have the Macro working.




3-Apr-2013 15:17

Hi Nick

Is the email a one off or a repeated task?

You could either use a PDF generator to print your Cardbox record exactly as it appears on screen or you could use Cardbox to write/send a HTML email with the correct formatting.

If you reply with more info and I can help I'll tell you how to do it.

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