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Crossover - Cardbox licence issue

How do I enter licence, please?

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30-Mar-2013 17:01

I have Cardbox 3.0 Pro build 4293 running on XP. I'm experimenting with using Cardbox on my Macbook Pro via Crossover (trial version). I've managed to install Crossover and Cardbox 3.1, and loaded my data and format files, but the 'edit' buttons are greyed out with a message reads that the 'Home' edition doesn't allow editing of large databases. The 'about' details state 'No Serial'. I've tried every way I can think of to enter my Pro version serial, without luck. Any help with this would be appreciated.Thanks.


30-Mar-2013 17:59

Hello Steve,

Cardbox is free nowadays. Go to the www.cardbox.com and click the download button. You can download build 4406 there for free.
Then try again. No serial numbers require anymore.

Happy Easter,



30-Mar-2013 18:51

Thanks for your suggestion, Ruud.

Unfortunately, that is what I did. instcbox.exe 4.7mb modified 7/1/2013
Either there must be some other way of activating the edit function, or this version is limited to 10,000 records and, therefore, no use to me. I have nearly 28,000 records and rising.
Thanks, anyway.

Happy Easter



30-Mar-2013 19:37

Check if there exists a subfolder in de program folder of Cardbox called licenses (When Cardbox is closed)
If it exists, delete it.
If there is in the program folder of Cardbox a licences.ini, delete it.

Last possibility: install build max 4299 with your license codes.


30-Mar-2013 20:35

Thanks, Bert.

I can't find any licence folders or subfolders. Just the download from Cardbox and the .FIL and .FMT from my PC. I'll give your third suggestion a go tomorrow, and let you know how I get on.




4-Apr-2013 15:55

First of all, thanks to Ruud and bert for taking the time to offer help. I have spent more time on the issue today, but the problem persists. More worrying is that I was unable to close the Mac yesterday because Crossover was aborting the shutdown and would not respond to shutdown instructions itself. I have, therefore, decided to "shelve" this project until such time as I have more time to spend on it. Cardbox has been rock solid for me since the days of the DOS version. It is a cornerstone of my work and I cannot afford to make the transition until I can be satisfied that it will be stable in its new environment. The PC wins a reprieve.... for now. Once again, thanks. Steve.

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