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need professional help with problems

I can't access my .FMT files and can'tread my .FIL files

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Margaret J

25-Mar-2013 17:38

Help, please.
I have an original home edition cardbox disk plus a data stick with the FIL files on. But I can't access my data on my new computer, nor can I access it on my old computer. I've spent hours trying to sort it out.
Now I've given up and would be happy to pay someone to do it for me. It represents more than 20 years work and I really don't want to lose it.
Experts, please help!


25-Mar-2013 18:38

1: Can you copy with Windows Explorer the fmt en the fil file (without using Cardbox)?
If yes, copy every version to a safe place.

2: Copy last version of your database+fmt to your new computer folder my documents/cardbox.
Double in Explore click on your database.fil

What happens?


Margaret J

26-Mar-2013 14:37

Bert, thank you very much for your prompt reply - much appreciated.
Unfortunately, I am totally non-techie and don't know where to start with your suggestions. Is it possible to find someone to do it for me via Cardbox Talk as I feel I have struggled long enough over this,and am getting nowhere?


26-Mar-2013 16:00

I think then we need to know in what area you live.

Margaret J

26-Mar-2013 16:52

I live in Suffolk, but would be prepared to go to London

John Francis

26-Mar-2013 17:53

Whereabouts in Suffolk, Margaret? I live near Southwold, and am happy to try to help.

John Francis

Margaret J

26-Mar-2013 18:11

That's about 1 hour from me. What's the best way to get in touch? I'd obviously fit in with what is easiest for you.
many thanks,

John Francis

26-Mar-2013 18:47

Margaret - send me an email at pintail@globalnet.co.uk with your phone number, and I will ring you for a chat about it. I'm about to go out now, and will also be out tomorrow morning, but will try to ring tomorrow afternoon.


Margaret J

29-Mar-2013 15:27

Many thanks to the cardbox community, especially Bert and John. John came round yesterday and solved a problem which had been driving me mad for weeks.


29-Mar-2013 18:36

Margaret this is so good. Great community indeed.

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