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promote alternative format to native

Is it possible to promote alternative format to native?

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20-Mar-2013 08:34

I worked a long time on the layout of an alternative format and now he is better than the native. I used all fields in the alternative format.
Is it possible to promote the alternative to native and to delete the original native?

Or is it possible to save a format to disk and to use it as the format for a new database?


Charles Welling

20-Mar-2013 11:36

You could copy the layout of the alternative format to the native format (copy and paste, or paste appearance), but why would you do that? Simply set the alternative format as your default format. It's a sensible thing anyway to have a native format that you don't actually use. You can have a native format that contains some fields that are invisible to the user but are used in the background. E.g. for timestamps or data to see whether a record that is being edited is new or not, etc.


20-Mar-2013 13:16

thank you Charles,
I didn't know that it was possible to copy and paste a format. However I am a Cardbox user since 1985, this was new to me.
I know that it is possible to use an alternative format as default, but I want to make a fresh new start with an old database, and that required for me also a new native format,


Charles Welling

20-Mar-2013 19:16

You can copy entire formats using "Format, Duplicate" or "Save as" after you've started editing a format. However, you cannot copy an alternative format to the native format in the same database.

But in your case you can:

Edit the alternative format of the old database.
Create a new database, start editing the native format and leave it empty for the moment.
Copy the items form the alternative format of the old database (select the items, CTRL-C).
Switch to the empty native format of the new database, paste (CTRL-V), and voilà: done.


21-Mar-2013 09:41

Thanks Charles,

this is the perfect solution!


21-Mar-2013 09:41

I'd suggest using different user profiles so you have Master Profile and Users or something like that. Make the actual native field invisible to people on the users profile and set their default format as your designed screen.

Our native formats on our databases are just lists of all of the fields in their relevant categories.

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