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printing to dot matrix printers & form feed

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26-Feb-2013 12:05

Hi all out there,

New to this so please be patient.
I was using the old Cardbox Plus for Dos 4.1 very happily until we changed to a Windows 7 platform, now on Cardbox 3.0.
There was a function under print in the old version where you could specify (by pressing the 'M' key) to print "unformatted". Is there anything in the new version to do the same?
I am using two seperate databases, one for supplier addresses and the other for purchasing stock items. The macro lets you select a supplier, prints the address of this supplier and then switches to the stock items database and asks you to select the items you wish to purchase and then prints the record. The problem is, that after it prints the suppliers address it form feeds the single sheet of paper (purchase order) out of the printer, where as in the old version the paper would stay in the printer and wait for further information to be printed.
I have a number of macro's that work in much the same way.

All I really want to do is stop the printer from performing a form feed each time I send a print command.

Printer is OKI ML3391 eco.

Can anyone help please?


26-Feb-2013 21:05

Cardbox for Windows uses the Windows printer driver. So I think, if the printer driver does not support the suppressing of a form feed, Cardbox also will not support this.

I think the best you can do is add a temp field in your stock db. You use this only for printing the address.
For printing: Make a macro that
- picks up the address
- place the address in the temp field of the first to print record of your stock database(selection).
- Then print the selection.
- At the end of the macro you clean the temp field of the first record.



27-Feb-2013 21:33

I forgot to tell: in the print format, the temp field must be placed in a merge block, automatic height switched on.
First record is filled with the address. Second and so on, the temp field is empty. So it will not take room in the printed stock records when automatic height is used.


13-Aug-2013 12:24

i have the same problem a search on to many site and at last find a solution on 2-3 sites
not remember the names of all websites
i think one was http://www.fetchflow.com/

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