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Creating a Server/Networking Cardbox

How to create a server

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1-Feb-2013 17:00

I had a problem last year with duplicate records (which was solved)but in passing one suggestion was that running Cardbox on two systems is not as effective as running it as a server and networking the other PC to the master. The Help function on my version of Cardbox gives instructions how to do this, but they are far from easy to follow. Has anyone a step-by-step set of instructions?



Charles Welling

2-Feb-2013 09:33

First of all: decide which PC is going to be the server. Let's call this one "Server". Download the Cardbox Server programme and install it on Server. That's comes down to accepting the default settings.
Then have a look at the Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel) of Server. It will now contain an icon "Cardbox Server", which enables you to configure the Cardbox Server Programma. An essential part of the configuration is to tell the Cardbox Server programme where the databases are. Use the Files tab for this.
That's all in a nutshell.

If your computers are connected you should now be able to connect from your client PC to the server. Start Cardbox as usual, File > Open and use the Server tab this time.
Enter either the IP of Server or its actual name (which may be, or will be something else than "Server") and click View. You then ought to see a list of the database(s) on Server. Click "Add to list" to make Cardbox remember the name/IP of Server.

Take your time to study the other settings you can change in the Server Programme, such as the settings to make backups. But once you can access your databases, you've taken the most important step.

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