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multi or few fields

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17-Jan-2013 06:58

The cardbox book advises one to use very few fields,
If I have a person data stream of " Mr Harry James, 21 Lane Street, Smalltown"
and I desire to create
1...an address label "Mr Harry James 21 Lane Street, Smalltown"
2...a merged informal letter with the slautation "Dear Harry"
3...a merged formal letter with the salutation "Dear Mr James'
4... a catalogue listing "James, Harry"

I presume that I will need 4 separate fields for
4..21 Lane Street Smalltown
or am I missing something here?
best of wishes

Charles Welling

17-Jan-2013 11:31

You're quite right. You'll have to use four separate fields, but not in the way you suggest.

You've split the name and address into four parts. You can use the "Harry" with a prefix "Dear" as a salutation, but what if "Harry" is commonly addressed as "Harry P. James"? Then you'd get "Dear Harry P.". Or what if Harry is no Harry at all, but a Henriette? You can't use the prefix "Mr" then.

I'd use a single field for name + address.
A second and a third for correct salutations, which you enter yourself.
A fourth for the catalogue listing.

Alternatively you could have separate fields for given name, surname and address, which would enable you to leave out a field for the catalogue (= surname + ", " + given name). But then of course you'd need five fields.


17-Jan-2013 21:16

Many thanks Charles
for your advice
your tolerance of a complete novice's re hashing of old questions
best wishes

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