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Using a field twice in an alternate format

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30-Dec-2012 03:21

Can anyone help? I am creating a letter as an alternate format and need to use a field which is the customers name twice. I need to use "name" in the address then again when I'm adressing them - dear "name". With Cardbox 2 I just used to put {brackets} around the word.

I'm hoping this makes sense to someone.

I look forward to hearing form anyone who can help.


Charles Welling

30-Dec-2012 10:18

Yes, this does make sense. In Cardbox 3 you can only use fields once in a format when you want these fields to be editable. But for display purposes, Cardbox has merge blocks which are typically used for things as letters (merge mail).

Edit your format, insert a merge block (Insert > Merge Block) and within this merge block you can enter fixed text combined with fields. Inside such a merge block you can enter a single field as often as you wish. You can assign properties to your merge block to make it suit your needs.
You can also have more than one merge block in your format if the contents of these merge blocks are to behave differently. E.g. you may want to print the name and address in a larger font than the body of the letter. In that case you would combine the fields NAME and ADDRESS in a single merge block having a 12 pt font, and you could have the salutation and the body of the letter in another merge block with a 10 pt font.

Some experimentation will soon teach you all the ins and outs of merge blocks.


30-Dec-2012 11:11

Charles, thank you so much for your assistance. Can't believe how easy it was with your advice.
Many thanks again


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