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Problem new verson 3.1: second user can't modify or creat new records

Read only database problem with supplement users with the licence free version 3.1

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8-Dec-2012 07:50

I had installed cardbox server on an W2008 server and client on Windows XP with administrator rights.

I created a new database on the server in a special folder \data\cardbox\ as aministrator with read/write rights . As administraor all works well.

A new user (manfred) can open this database but can't edit or create new records.(database is read only)

I verified the access rights for this database and I add all rights for user manfred in windows.

But only the user creating the file can modify it ??
Is the same problem known?


8-Dec-2012 09:36

Check in Cardbox Server: Tab Server: Acces to Database. Is that R/W?


Charles Welling

8-Dec-2012 09:43

This sounds like the users are opening the database directly and not through the server.
When users can navigate to a database by means of the My Computer tab, then Cardbox locks the database for the first user. Any subsequent user can view the records, but he cannot edit them.

The purpose of the Cardbox server is to act as an intermediary. Users tell the server that they want access to a database (by using the Server tab) and the Server presents them with a list of available databases.

NB the Server has direct access to the databases, the user has NOT. So, the rights of user Manfred are of no consequence when this user would access the database through the server. The users doesn't even have to know where the databases are, or even better, he should never be able to access them directly.

Any requests for viewing or editing go through the Server.

So, did you set up the Server in such a way (see Control Panel: Cardbox Server) that it can present users with a list of databases?
And, make sure that the data folder is invisible to users, so do NOT share it. The Server will give your users access.
Tell your users to use the Server tab when they want to open a database.

The name of the server can be either the name of your W2008 server or its IP.


8-Dec-2012 11:35

Thank's Charles,
The problem was the "sharing" . The server configuration was correct but the data bases were in a "shared" folder. I moved them to an unshared place and all works well. I hope that my problem will save time to an other user.


9-Dec-2012 10:06

The thing is that if you open a database which is served bij Cardbox Server, that **Cardbox Server** must have r/w rights for the location where the database is.
Cardbox Server is normally installed under the Windows System account of the machine on which it is installed. That account has admin rights the the "own" machine.
If you place a database on a place where that system account has limited rights (you can change that), Cardbox Server also have that limited rights. If you need to place databases on other machines then the Cardbox Server machine, you need to make a special Windows account for it that you have to use for the Cardbox Server Windows service.

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