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30-Nov-2012 09:38

I am new to an organisation and the only person who knows Cardbox is off sick!!! I have an urgent Christmas mailing to do and completely baffled as I've never used Cardbox before. I need to select certain people from my database to send a standard letter to (which is on Cardbox). I think I am to tag the people on the database but cannot figure out how to merge the database with the letter (although I don't think it's referred to as merge in cardbox). PLEASE can somebody help me, as I've 2/3 mailings to do before Chrismtas and being new I am really struggling and there is nobody to ask. I've looked through the manual but cannot figure it out and I've wasted a half day already. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Margaret

Charles Welling

30-Nov-2012 12:22

Your first step would be to select the people who are to receive the letter. The database must contain some data which is used to make the selection or otherwise you would have to pick them by hand.
Let's suppose there is a field CHRISTMAS and let's suppose that it contains a "Y" if someone must be sent a Christmas letter. Open the database and point your mouse to the field CHRISTMAS and right-click. A window will appear in which you can enter that you want to search for "Y". Click OK. You may then notice that the selection level (see left bottom) has gone up to 1 and that the number of records has gone down. That means that you have asked 1 question and the number of records reflects the total of records that match your query. If the recipients must meet two criteria, just repeat the above for the second field. Suppose people have to live in Londen, you could point your mouse to the field ADDRESS and search for "London". The selection level will then be 2 and the records will be limited to those records that belong to people who will get a letter AND live in London.
Of course your database will have some other field(s) to search in, but the example shows how it's done.

After that you should have a look at the menu bar. It has an item "View". Click it and then choose "Change format". A list will appear showing a choice of formats, i.e. layouts. Find the the letter you have to send. You will then see the screen change into the letter merged with the appropriate data from the records.
Use File > Print from the menu bar to print the records.

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