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17-Nov-2012 08:36

Hi please can anyone help?

I have just created a new database and I am now populating it with my client information, however when I search say for all clients in a particular town by "select" then putting the name of the town in "search for" box, it doesnt find records which I know are there. I have to go down to the "how to search the database" at the bottom then go to "search record data" or click on the "date search button" is this normal? I have been using carbox 2.0 for years and i have never had this problem, please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Is it something to do with indexing, should I be "indexing all"?

Many thanks for all your help.



17-Nov-2012 08:48

Hi sorry it's me again.

I have just found a previous topic where someone had the same problem and Bert gave advice to go to management and adjust indexing which I did and it works!! hurray!
Sorry I should have searched first before posting new topic. Sorry if I have wated anytime.
 I was just panicing.
Just wanted to say this forum is great

Jelly Belly

17-Nov-2012 09:24

Hi Rebecca

Looking at your posts above, you may be interested in a Macro I posted sometime ago. We use it on all our databases by default as it is a quick way of searching. You too may find it useful?



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