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12-Nov-2012 17:32

I am a twenty year Cardbox Server user with databases with images. Naturally the images are becoming bigger, currently around 2.5 mb per image. When I Paste or Load from File it takes so long to load the image that I have to close the programme. Cardboss told me it could not be Cardox which is at fault but it is something to do with where the data comes from which sounds unlikely to me. In this day and age to have images of under 2mb is not much fun. Has any one else found the same and do you have a solution?

James in London

PS I have sometimes wondered if we might have a meeting of Cardboxians in a London pub. Say 6.50 pm one evening in Covent Garden. Any interest?


12-Nov-2012 18:37

That London pub... Good idea! However, what you think of Amsterdam? Closer to me...

You say that even pasting an image to Cardbox performs slow.
You do not tell if you db is veeery large and if it (only) occures at pasting/loading or when **saving** the record.
If it is at saving time + your database is large, I advice you to do a full rebuild. Take time for this if it is very large.

Still no result: then I would try pasting/loading on other machines. So first try to do the same on another Cardbox Client computer. No result? Move your server to another machine.
Have you checked you network connection? Perhaps it's slow and you (only) experience it by using Cardbox? Also drivers of graphic cards perhaps could be an issue.



13-Nov-2012 09:05

Thank you. The database is 26,000 records, with quite a lot images. I will try rebuild. Thanks you for your response. James

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